Finnish Your Dinner 25 to 27 August 2017

Only 100 days left until Finland’s centenary! With the help of Finnish people living abroad, Finnish Your Dinner will now be spreading everywhere around the world in celebration of Finland’s jubilee year.  

On the weekend of 25 to 27 August, Finns living abroad are encouraged to invite local residents to their homes or to any other suitable place for a shared dinner in celebration of Finland’s 100 years of independence.


Organise your own Finland 100 dinner party

Lay out a dinner table, deck it with white tablecloth and serve your favourite Finnish food. Make your guest list and pin your dinner party on the map on our webpages. Inform your guests of what you will be serving and let them know what you would like them to bring along.

Invite anyone you like – friends, acquaintances, neighbours, strangers. Our reservation system will let you know who will be attending and ensures safety and security.

Let’s open the doors to Finland’s food culture; let’s celebrate Finland’s centenary by sharing a meal in good company under the open skies of Finland!

Here you can register your own dinner party wherever you are in the world.

Learn more about the Finnish Your Dinner events by following these webpages and on Facebook. Help us to spread the word by inviting all your friends to follow + share the link on your wall!

Join in!

Sign up for a dinner

Here you will find dinner parties around the globe.

Browse the map and sign up for whichever one you fancy joining. The yellow lantern tell’s you which dinners are open for all.

Embassies, Finnish missions and friendship societies abroad will also be taking part in the celebrations with Grand Dinner parties

Around a dozen Finnish embassies, missions and friendship societies abroad will be setting long dinner tables all at the same time somewhere in a public space in their own cities and will invite residents to join in. These Grand Dinner parties will be organised in the spirit of the now well-established Helsinki tradition, the party invitation being:  

’We have laid out one big, long dinner table decked in white tablecloth for our residents. Invite your friends along and bring a hamper with food, drinks and crockery. Let’s eat together under the open skies of Finland!’ 

So far Addis Abeba, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, St.Petersburg, Tallinn and Washington have already signed up.

Registration for each city’s dinner party starts in June / July 2017 on these webpages. Registration is free of charge but you must make a place reservation.