invites people to eat together. Invite your friends and pack a dinner, drinks and tableware with you and join the grand dinner. Or you can organize your own smaller dinner on 13th of August 2020 when we celebrate international event Finnish Your Dinner.


Grand Dinner

Dinner Under the Finnish Sky invites people to eat together at communal tables in different cities and in different countries. We construct long tables with white tablecloths and invite you to join. Reserve a place, invite your friends and bring your own dinner, drinks and tableware with you. Join us to eat under the Finnish sky! 

We have organized grand dinners in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Washington D.C, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur – just to name few.


Illallinen Suomen taivaan alla – KAIKKIALLA / Finnish Your Dinner on the 9th of August 2018

Due to Finnish expats, Finnish Your Dinner has spread around the world. On 9th of August 2018 anyone anywhere can join in by organizing their own dinner in a public space or in their own home. Set a dinner table with a white tablecloth and serve your favorite dishes. Make your own guest list and pin your dinner party on the map on our webpage. Inform your guests of what you will be serving and let them know what you would like them to bring along. Invite anyone you like – friends, acquaintances, neighbours, strangers. Our reservation system will let you know who will be attending and ensures safety and security.


Sign up for a dinner

Here you will find dinner parties around the globe. Browse the map and sign up for whichever one you fancy joining. The yellow lantern tell’s you which dinners are open for all.


The story behind the Dinner

Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky was first organised on 12th June, 2013 in Pohjoisesplanadi, Helsinki as a part of the city’s birthday, Helsinki Day. The street was closed from traffic and a table for a thousand people was set. People set their own dinners on these tables and enjoyed each others company and laughter long into the night. The free event had 700 places, which were booked in two minutes.

The following step to the Esplanadi dinner was the Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Everywhere, where everyone could organise their own dinner anywhere they wanted; in front of their house, in the local park or on the pavement.

The events are organized by Yhteismaa ry. Helsinki City Public Works Department is also involved in making the events possible.